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Your car will usually tell you when something’s up by flashing warning lights on your dashboard. That means it’s time to bring your car to us at Glen Fern Garage where we can call in our expert mechanics and accurate technology to find the cause of your problem. Our car diagnostic testing is second to none; constantly investing in the latest technology and training up our technicians and mechanics on a regular basis, we perform expert testing and inspection to get the route of any car or vehicle issue you might be having.

Book with Glen Fern Garage for all your car repairs and diagnostics using our online booking tool. We’ll discuss with you your options if we find any faults, and recommend the best parts, prices and labour in Bournemouth. We’ll do the repairs in our fully kitted out work shop on your request and get you back on the road in no time.

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Warning Lights

The Brake System: This is usually indicated by an exclamation mark on most modern vehicles. If this pops up it’s best to get your brakes check straight away, it could be a simple brake fluid top up, but your brakes are essential to your safety.

The Engine: Looks like a small engine, but also slightly resembles a weird tea pot; if this is lit up you’ll often notice there is something wrong with your car. Most vehicles switch off when there’s something wrong with the engine to protect itself, or your car might be stuttering either way, if this light comes on try to avoid driving your car. Having your engine checked out by a professional mechanic at Glen Fern Garage can ensure that you get your repairs done as soon as possible to avoid any irreparable damage

The Airbag: A faulty airbag is disrupting your safety in the event of a crash. It could also mean that it can deploy unexpectedly which can cause injury to yourself and could be dangerous while driving. Bring your car to Glen Fern Garage, and we’ll make sure everything is in working order.

Steering: A steering wheel followed by an exclamation mark – it’s pretty obvious what this one refers to but it can mean that your steering is compromised which could cause you difficulty in manoeuvring and changing lanes on a busy motorway. This warning light normally refers to your power steering.

The Temperature: If the thermometer lights up on your dashboard, it could mean an issue with your coolant, which protects your engine from over heating. It could be that you just need your coolant topped up, but can sometimes indicate leaks or a head gasket failure which can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

The Oil: The oil can warning light can also indicate that levels need topping up as this can affect your cars temperature as well. Getting your oil topped up and checked is simple and easy to do affordable so best to get it looked at straight away rather than cause expensive damage to your engine.

The Battery: A faulty battery or alternator could be the cause of this one. It may just be a broken connection or damage to the cable under the bonnet, which can affect other components of your vehicle within the engine bay. Fitting and replacing new batteries are simple to do and can mean that your cars lifespan is extended.

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