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At Glen Fern Garages, we understand that most modern cars come with air conditioning, which means that it is subject to constant wear and tear like most components within your vehicle. Over time, your air conditioning system can become clogged with dirt and dust within the air which can prevent it from performing at its best. Leaks and blockages within the system can result in either little to no air coming out of the system, or too much which in turn can affect your comfort in both winter and summer months.

Your air conditioning system reduces moisture content and humidity as well as cooling you down, which can help with ice on your windscreen and windows as well as any steam that builds up. It is an essential tool for your car all year round.

Our team is fully experience to visually inspect and test each component within your air conditioning system including the compressor, condenser and refrigeration. Each component can obtain damage so it’s important to check each one thoroughly before making any repairs. At Glen Fern, we’ll test your air conditioning first before we make any repairs, and should any work need to be done we’ll contact you to make sure you’re happy for us to ahead. We’ll explain in plain English what the problem is, and let you know what needs to be done and how much it will cost to get the system back up and running again.

Do I need to get my air conditioning system looked at?

Whilst, not seen as an essential component of your vehicle and how it runs on a daily basis, it can be a pain to unexpectedly discover that your air conditioning system isn’t working, especially on a cold morning or a hot summers day. It affects your comfort and safety, and your air conditioning is subject to wear and tear like any other part of your vehicle.

At Glen Fern Garages, we recommend having your air conditioning system looked at once a year, along with your MOT and car service. This ensures that the system is working to its maximum potential, and that any minor damages don’t turn into major repairs and you can avoid expensive bills further down the line.

If you notice a problem with your air conditioning system, it’s best to get it looked at as soon as possible, rather than let it deteriorate. It could save you some pennies in the long run, and means you can get back to feeling comfortable in your car a lot quicker.

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